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2023 Nutrition Symposium

                    This year, the Adventist Nutrition and Dietetics International Association (ANDIA) leaders are excited to bring together a diverse community of nutrition and dietetics professionals from around the globe. Our inaugural symposium, “ANDIA Virtual Health and Nutrition Symposium 2023” welcomes registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), healthcare providers, and industry leaders to a groundbreaking event aimed at exploring pivotal matters impacting the world's health with a special focus on the Adventist perspective. This symposium boasts an educational program filled with unique opportunities that you won't find anywhere else.

Find all the information you need about the symposium here.

*This page will be updated frequently until the day of the symposium. 

What is the Nutrition Symposium?

Are you passionate about living a healthy life and making informed food choices?

Do you want to discover the latest breakthroughs in nutrition science?

If yes, then this symposium is tailor-made for you!

  • Dive into cutting-edge research on nutrition and wellness.

  • Learn from leading experts in the field of nutrition.

  • Explore the impact of diet on your overall health and well-being.

  • Get inspired to adopt sustainable and healthy eating habits.


Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and take your nutrition knowledge to the next level!

Who Can Attend?

Whether you're a healthcare professional, fitness enthusiast, or someone eager to enhance your nutrition knowledge, this event is for you!

FREE to everyone.

If you are not a member, you can register 

Membership will last for 1 year.

Let us know you are coming to the symposium by registering 


  • Webinars will provide the latest updates on plant-based nutrition

  • Opportunities to network with other health care professionals

  • Recordings will be available for members only.

  • CEU's 

  • Watch online from anywhere in the world


It's an opportunity of a lifetime! Sign up today!

What to Expect

Engaging Topics

Our esteemed speakers will delve into a wide array of topics, including:​

  • Careers in Dietetics

  • Environmental Nutrition

  • Plant-based Diets & Gut Health

  • Setting Up Your Nutrition Business

  • And much more!

Interactive Sessions

Don't just listen; participate! We'd like to encourage you to ask questions, share your insights, and be part of the conversation. This symposium is an opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals and industry leaders.

Plant-Based Cooking Demonstration

Explore the joys of plant-based cooking with a live demonstration. Learn how to create delicious and nutritious meals that delight your taste buds.

Networking opportunities

Connect with other dietitians, healthcare professionals, and enthusiasts who share your passion for nutrition. You can expand your professional network and make lasting connections.

ANDIA Executive Committee

Your input matters! This event provides a platform  to voice your thoughts and ideas directly to the ANDIA executive committee. Help shape the future of nutrition advocacy.

Check out the Speakers!

Find out who is speaking, what they will be

presenting and when. 

Motivational Speaker


Jeje Noval, PhD, MS, RD

JBP-34 (1).JPG

Sherrefa Burchell, PhD

Sabbath October 28th

2:00pm - 5:00pm PDT

Speaker: Barry C. Black Ph.D., D. Min., D.D., L.H.D., D.P.S., LL.D.

62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate

Featured Speaker

When: 2:15 pm PDT

BCB 2017 official photo side_edited.jpg

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DW red jacket shot.jpg

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Speaker: Debbie Wallace, DrPH, MPH 

Title: "Is the Health Message Still Relevant Today?" 

When: 2:30 pm PDT

Description: This presentation will address changes in the health of the community and how that relates to the Adventist Health Message given over a century ago.

Speaker: Ps. John Jenson & Susan Jenson, RDN

Title: "Conducting Nutrition and Vegetarian Cooking Classes and Programs in the Church" 

When: 2:40 pm PDT


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Dr. John Westerdahl.PNG

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Speaker: John Westerdahl, PhD, MPH, RDN, CNS, FAND, DipACLM

Title: "History of Seventh-day Adventist Nutrition and Dietetics." 

When: 3:10 pm PDT

Description: In this presentation, Dr. John Westerdahl focuses on the history of the person who played the most seminal role in Adventist history, as well as in the world, in the formation of the dietetic profession, Lenna Frances Cooper.

Speaker: Margarete Collins, MPH, RDN, CDCES, DipACLM

Title: "Latest Updates on Plant-Based Nutrition in Treating Diabetes"

When: 4:00 pm PDT

Maggie Collins photo - 1 of 1.png

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Doug Batchelor.jpg

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Speaker: Pastor Doug Batchelor

President and Speaker, AMAZING FACTS

Senior Pastor, Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church

Title: "The importance of plant based diets in the last days"

When: 4:45 pm PDT

Sunday October 29th

10:00am - 3:30pm PDT

Adventist Nutrition Program Showcase  

  • Loma Linda University- Edward Bitok, DrPh, MS, RD

  • Oakwood University- Sherine Brown Fraser, PhD, RD

  • University of Southern Caribbean – Claudette Mitchell, PhD, RD

When: 10:10 am PDT

Speaker: Major Ben Wunderlich

Title: "Opportunities and Experiences of an Army Dietitian"

When: 11:00 am PDT


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Krystal G_edited.jpg

Speaker: Krystal George, RDN, AMFT 

Title: "Unconventional Careers in Dietetics"

When: 11:10 am PDT

Speaker: Tia Jeffery, PhD, RD

Title: Performance Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, and Updates from the Academy on Compensation"

When: 11:20 am PDT

Tia  Jeffery , PhD, RDN, CHES_edited_edi

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Speaker: John E Gobble, DrPH, RDN, FACLM, MCHES, DipACLM

Title: "The Business of Plant-based MNT"

When: 11:40 am PDT

Description: Join Dr. John Gobble, a seasoned public health professional, registered dietitian nutritionist, and entrepreneur as he navigates you through the complexities of establishing your own plant-based MNT reimbursement strategy.

Speaker: Susie Ray, MS, RDN, CNSC, CDCES

Title: "Go with your gut–microbiota: Deconstructing probiotics and prebiotics"

When: 1:00 pm PDT

Sponsored by: 

Logo_KateFarms_RGB_White (002).png

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Joan Sabate_edited.jpg

Speaker: Joan Sabate, MD, DrPH

Executive Director, Ctr for Nutrition, Lifestyle, & Disease Prevention 

Title: Environmental Nutrition

When: 2:00 pm PDT

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ANDIA Awards 

Lifetime Achievement Award

Rising Star Award

Service Award

When: 3:00 pm PDT

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